A traumatic event or bad situation from which you need to escape immediately.
So that party last night, all the underage kids started puking up. We were loading them into ambulances to get their stomachs pumped and their parents were turning up. Fucking Vietnam, man.
by bryce_h September 27, 2006
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This country sits near Cambodia and Thailand in far south-east Asia. it is also known on the internet as a country of which many memes that direct to having flashbacks to. This is due to the Vietnam war, in which many veterans came back with mental trauma, possibly causing flashbacks. This was made into a meme afterwards, only in a light-heart way, as opposed to the horrors of what soldiers saw (which caused the trauma aforementioned trauma).
My brother visits Vietnam all the time. He says he goes to the war memorial with his wife.
by Armaggedon Rider March 16, 2017
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A country that LOST in a war against the United States. Not only was the war won by the United States, but it was a blowout. Until Vietnam, our military was never so successful. With G. Warren Nutter (my grandpa, assistant secretary of defense) running the war, we won decisevily. We estimated bodycounts in which we overwhelmingly won. Media said that it was wrong, that they lost less. Turns out we won by even more than we thought. The Vietcong was wiped out by the time we left Vietnam, and the North Vietnamese army was pushed back and annihilated. (see victory to understand how the war went for the United States)
Hippie- whoa dude, im really high! i think were loosing the war!
Intelligent person- look, we killed far more of them, sent them back and completed our goal.
General public- dude, he's right, we're loosing!
Politicians- If we dont pull out, we wont be reellected!!!
Nutter- Yes, but it would be better for the world to keep fighting. We are extremely victorious and could cripple communism in Asia. The public is wrong and we could still help the world before next election
Politicians- No! i dun care!! we leave!!!
by Urban Dictionary May 16, 2005
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The word "To Vietnam", a transitive verb, is used to describe a specie of treacherous conduct used by a weak and beggarly foe to defeat a stronger and more righteous foe. The Republic of Vietnam was a party, with the US, to the SEATO treaty which said that if any party outside the treaty attacked any member, that the other treaty members would help the attacked member. The US was therefore bound by duty and honor to enter the war upon the invasion of the south by the north. North Vietnam intended to and tried hard to impose a communistic form of government on the south by military force. North Vietnam was the point soldier in a proxy effort by communism aparatchicks to rule the entire world, but they could get any traction at all while American solders like me were there. In 1973 the commies "Vietnamed" or tricked the USA into leaving RVN. The commies promised that if we left Vietnam they would never again invade the south with military force. We left in 1973 and by 1975 the commies were openly breaking the Paris treaty.
We can't beat you, numbah 10 GI, because you are too strong of a military force, and we are only weak and beggarly slope headed gooks, so we will VIETNAM YOU.
by pamschel December 11, 2006
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A Shitty Ass Fuck of a country which defines literally shit hole.

A country with which America fought a war in the late sixties to early seventies.

While some may think America lost Vietnam, this is untrue. Whatever some may say with a casualty ratio of 58,168 Americans to 2-4 million Vietnamese America had emerged victorious. Its not this great country's fault that the South Vietnamese fucked it up after we left.

As a great man once said, "It's a win in my book."
Yo me and my fucking gay ass hippie friends just got fucked up yesterday! We talked about how America sucks and it can't even beat Vietnam in a war!

Hey Fag. Read a little we won that war, and if you don't think so get the hell out of my country. I didn't watch my buddies die face down in the mud to come back and deal with this shit.
by A Real American January 24, 2006
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something that is inappropriate to talk about in the presence of those who were not involved.

Synonymous with code of the road, a phrase used to limit those who shared an experience to talking about it amongst themselves and not to others.
"Remember, what happens on this batchelor party is Vietnam"

or if someone says something breaking the code of the road

"DUDE! That's Vietnam man!!"
by inspire_d March 03, 2004
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