A kinda not really annoying Vegan.
Billy: Hey, you know Elias, right? He’s a bit of a Vesmarbon
Ollie: Nah, he’s a Ves at best!
by Vesmarbon September 5, 2019
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To smell or look bad.

1) To look bad.
2) He has a Ves body.
3) That garbage is Ves.

4) Don't touch that Ves girl
I wouldn't bang her, her body is Ves.
by wordsmithnyc May 22, 2009
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Ves is another word for God.
Ves can also mean godlike / unnatural.
I swear his moves looked ves af.
by FactsOnly69 August 10, 2017
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(Pronounciation: veh)
An Italian's sign of approval. Commonly used by Italy from the hit anime Hetalia.
Example on a forum:
I_Iz_Not_Pervy: Hentai, anyone?
Italy-x-Germany: Ve! Ve! Ve!
by iiDino_RAWR September 5, 2011
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Got the body of a goddess , nice but can be very crazy, smile that will light up your day , unique and very intelligent and a urge for fashion
That darn ve .
by Lashele October 9, 2013
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A gaming term mostly used in Valorant as an abbreviation for "very embarrassing".
Reyna: *Ults and dies instantly*

Game chat: "Reyna that was VE"
by ohnoo October 1, 2021
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Voting enabled. Used in Fark headlines.
Caption what the Donald is thinking as his crazy comb-over explodes on a windy day. VE
by spacefaced June 11, 2008
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