Got the body of a goddess , nice but can be very crazy, smile that will light up your day , unique and very intelligent and a urge for fashion
That darn ve .
by Lashele October 9, 2013
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Means to take without permission, or (DeBo)
Veed- Past
Ve`ing- Present
Ve - Future
Trey always ve Gerald's tools.
by Candy November 16, 2003
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Ve is a pronoun used by a gender nonconforming person who refuses to be referred to by they/them since it's gramatically incorrect to refer to one person in that manner. Ve's prounouns would be Ve, Ver, Vers
Ve took ver dog to the vet.
by ProgressForGenderEquality January 27, 2018
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(Pronounciation: veh)
An Italian's sign of approval. Commonly used by Italy from the hit anime Hetalia.
Example on a forum:
I_Iz_Not_Pervy: Hentai, anyone?
Italy-x-Germany: Ve! Ve! Ve!
by iiDino_RAWR September 5, 2011
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A gaming term mostly used in Valorant as an abbreviation for "very embarrassing".
Reyna: *Ults and dies instantly*

Game chat: "Reyna that was VE"
by ohnoo October 1, 2021
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Voting enabled. Used in Fark headlines.
Caption what the Donald is thinking as his crazy comb-over explodes on a windy day. VE
by spacefaced June 11, 2008
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A young kid thats attracted to a person above 50 years old
by uwuaca December 19, 2021
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