Midget discord rapper that dick rides a new rapper everyweek
Son: Yo you heard that new Vertically?
Aj: Nah that shit SUCKS
by Sonfromlagoon999 February 9, 2022
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Gregg Berhalter’s American Soccer System which will tactically revolutionize the US Mens National Team in CONCACAF.
“What is verticality?”
I don’t know, but Paul Arriola brings it”
by Calashuayi October 9, 2021
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Verticalism is any form of discrimination or prejudice against shorter people in height, usually in the recreational environment of basketball. Verticalism can take the form of ideas and assumptions, stereotypes, attitudes and practices, physical barriers in the environment, or larger scale oppression. It is oftentimes unintentional and most people are completely unaware of the impact of their words or actions.
Hey Harsha, wasn't Venkatesh being hurtfully verticalist against Aryan the other day? He would continuously and intentionally dunk on him in order to emphasize his height privilege. He even went as far as to call out Aryan's short stature. Do you think he's aware of his verticalism? I hope Aryan's doing okay.
by vijaythegoat March 15, 2022
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Lacking or not lacking height.
Dealing with height.
The can of beans was on the top shelf, and she couldn't reach it because she lacks verticability.

Slam dunks were easy for him because of his great verticability.
by Bob Johnsn September 14, 2010
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To be Vertical is to be in a higher state of being, often induced through mind altering chemicals. Most common of these chemicals, for those who often get Vertical is Marijuana.
I am Vertical
by Filthy Phil Kessly Snipes October 23, 2010
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The act of aligning the final two cups in a game of beer pong vertically.
by Villagead401 July 30, 2006
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The act of taking a handle, specifically of McCormicks, Apple flavor, and tilting it until it is perfectly 180 degrees "vertical" and drinking as long as you can.
"We're going back to his place to take a couple casual verticals."

"Good Morning, I'm so plyat, want a vertical?"

"Hey, he looks pretty gone/blacked out/hamsuaced, wanna vertical?"

Hey wanna go take a few verticals in the gazebo?

Hey wanna shot? no.. I'll take a fucking vertical!!!!

My summer is going to consist of verticals and vertricals..
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