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A region in football that includes north america, central america, the carribean and 3 countries from south america. The "king" of CONCACAF is usually disputed between Pexico and the Pulisic national team. About 90% of the national teams in CONCACAF are filled with players from local farmers markets. Pexico and the Pulisic national team seem to be great national teams, but really only look good because of their performances against farmers.
The CONCACAF Gold Cup will be disputed between Pexico and the Pulisic national team for the millionth time
by edsonalvarez4 June 12, 2022
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When a sports team is a victim of corrupt fucking officiating in any sport. This phenomena Predominantly occurs in football matches in North/Central America and the Caribbean
We weren’t given the penalty because the assistant referee CONCACAFed us.
by tman02 March 11, 2020
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When a team with much less talent then their opponent fakes injuries, throws a couple of balls on the field, let fans rush the field, argue with the ref, fake injuries some more, make subs late in injury time, and fake even more injuries, just to milk out a 0-0 draw at home. Oh, and don’t forget, dirty tackles that should result in a straight red card, that only result in the referee giving a booking for simulation.
I can’t believe we couldn’t beat Honduras! They were concacafing the whole time!
by Deszreen Mitchell March 29, 2022
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