Someone who's right on the cusp of sexual activity; derived from "verging" and "virgin." And yes, this is tongue-in-cheek.
Crystal was fixin' to have sex with Trevor, but I think she's still a vergin.
by Lemming November 13, 2003
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A vegan virgin. Someone who has never had sex and doesn’t want to eat animals.
My poor nephew is a vergin. He has never been laid and still insists on being a vegan. I think if he had some red meat he could attract the ladies.
by Mandero November 8, 2020
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Someone who has had sex but Dosent want to admit it
Your a vergin arnt you
by VerginMan April 7, 2021
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A very sexy and tall girl with amazing hips
Damm that girl looks like a Vergine! Meowwwww
by jkjkakopian December 14, 2011
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A female vagina (unlike all those male vaginas)
'Man, dat bitch's got a stank ass verginer'
by Octagon March 13, 2005
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What Borat likes to call, a "pussy".
"Uhhh, yes, I wanta look at you vergin, yes."

"Ahaha, my sister uses to look at my brother in ze cage, 'cause he retard, and she use to open her legs and show her vergin to him and say, "You can't get dis, you can't, ahaha!" and we all use to laugh."
by Michael (Blue) Rotondo May 21, 2007
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