The most delicious and addicting drink of all time.
Molly: Yo, Jimmy do you want some of my aloe vera?
Jimmy: What? I thought that was a plant.
Molly: No it's the most delicious drink of all time. Here try some.
Jimmy: Damn. That's the most delicious drink of all time.
by mylenaurelie March 13, 2018
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A very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to mother.
"Did you see that Scarlett Vera doing the Dino head Andi last night?" "Yeah dude, it was like she was a super freak!"
by Scopix January 03, 2019
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A line of handbags and accessories produced by the Vera Bradley company. Founded by Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley-Baekgaard (whos mother, Vera, gives her name to the company). The company usually produces their products out of cotton quilt material, and are known for being light weight and easy washable. Styles and colors are many, with names like Java Blue, Citrus, and Alpine Black. Most colors are available in all styles. Also worth notable mention is the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation. Two colors, Hope Toile and New Hope, were created so that a portion of each purchase of an item in that color would go to the foundation. Until recently, Vera Bradley bags have been most popular in the South, whereas they can now be found on college campuses nationwide.
Sean: Do you like my new Vera Bradley Java Blue Messenger Bag? I bought a matching pencil case and umbrella to go with it!

Elizabeth: It smells so good! Like Fabric softner!

Sean: Thats because I washed it!

Elizabeth: Ooh! I want one!

by F-Knocker July 16, 2006
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To defend yourself with a cotton handbag.
Amber got trapped in the bathroom so she Vera whipped her exboyfriend.
by Daisy Louise April 24, 2008
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A plant with cactus-like leaves known for it's medicinal powers and jizz like texture. The green exterior should never be eaten under any circumstances, as it will cause your face to contort into a jizz-smothered grimace.
Sally: Oh my god! Did you jizz in my drink?

Timmy: No, that's just the way aloe vera is.

Sally: That's digusting.

Timmy: Agreed.
by Dandhi March 27, 2010
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Badass UFC fighter hailing from San Diego, California. He is Half-White/Half-Filipino. Prior to writing this definition, he is currently 8-2 with outstanding victories over the beast Frank Mir and the relentless Assuerio Silva. His style is a mix of Muay Thai and Wrestling. His kicks and strikes are one of the most lethal in the sport today.

DAMN! Did you see Brandon Vera deliver that roundhouse kick to that dudes face? Someone call an ambulance!
by kimbov June 26, 2008
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a person who can talk & look at someone with one eye and stare at someone else with the other. Also known as a cock-eyed sumamabitch!
"Man, she was trying to holla at me but she was staring at dude over my shoulder!"

"Damn, that bitch got Vera-Vision!"
by b'z nuttz August 20, 2007
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