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An amazing MMA fighter who is never appreciated to the level he deserves, is considered the underdog in fights where he is a clear favorite (Lesner), and needs another title shot.

Frank Mir competes in the UFC, and for the fights he was in 100% condition, he has shown how much potential he has at such a young age. There are people who have a hatred for Mir, suggesting he is amateur-hour, but not realizing he shouldn't EVEN be fighting with his leg anymore. Most of these haters are WWE fanboys and Sylvia nut-lickers who can't stand to see big oaks with little technique lose to a smaller, smarter opponent.

Frank Mir won his title against Tim Sylvia in about 30 seconds in the first round by breaking his arm, then much later got into a motorcycle accident which held him back from fighting, and he lost his title by default.

Frank Mir embodies strength, will, determination, and absolute class and respect for his opponents. In all regards, a great guy to interview, and an amazing fighter to watch. Check out Frank Mir.
"Hey, Frank Mir is fighting Brock Lesner!"
"Who the fuck is Frank Mir? Brock is going to kill him!"
"I don't know man... Frank Mir was a heavyweight champion, and has an amazing guard."
by nylon11123 May 04, 2008
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