A carnivorous plant that traps its prey by attracting it with its flowers and then closing over top of it.
The thing with jagged teeth - what do you need an example for?
by Mark S June 2, 2004
When you sit at a desk (i.e. school or office) and extend your arm out into the hallway, open handed, and "catch" the crotch of the person who is walking by, usually if they are on the phone or otherwise too distracted to realize what they are about to walk into.
I was on a conference call with corporate, and as I walked back to my cubicle, Dave totally venus flytrapped me while I was in mid sentence. Oh, that silly Dave!
by JiffyDub83 August 15, 2017
When you catch your phone in between your thighs when you accidentally let go of it.
Oh, shit. Dude! I trapped my phone with my thighs. Just like a Venus Flytrap.
by fueledbysperm November 12, 2021
When you hold your hand out(the venus flytrap) and a girl or guy puts their hand in yours(the fly)....therfore you are now holding hands.
Guy 1: Dude I really want to hold her hand.

Guy 2: You should use the venus flytrap.

Guy 1: Good idea, thanks
by Logan_De_Awsome November 23, 2008
Before busting a nut, pulling out and shooting your load in her eyes. When she tries to open them it creates a Venus Flytrap in her eyelashes. Commonly used with a Spiderman
She couldn't see me leave the room after she had the Venus Flytrap going
by Cakes December 22, 2004