When someone is out to seek revenge on everyone due to some past experience.
Mike: Ducan your f**kin vengeful
by Captain Cairo January 31, 2009
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See ZaPpeh,
Veng = Vengeance
Also known as a Knob Jockey
Veng sucks the Twat.
by Paul July 23, 2004
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After several drinks, she showed me her venge.


We are always on the lookout for a women with loose morals and a tight venge.
by guywithsomethingtosay March 19, 2011
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When you are fucking a girl and right before you cum you pull out and cry. She then leaves and you never trust anyone ever again.
Man #1: listen bro trust me on this
Man #2 naw I cant, not since I pulled a vengeful Louis on my ex.
by Tylba December 4, 2018
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Vengeful Justice is the act of bringing someone to justice with the law in a time that would only be brought on by the lust for revenge.

Say you have a shady friend over to your crib. You go to the bathroom, and have a large bag of weed sitting there in the open. When you return from the bathroom, the weed is gone. You question the friend, who of course denies stealing it, but you know they did.

So, your friend leaves, you call five-0, and tell them, "Yeah there's this person, looks like this, walking down this street at this moment, stop them and you'll find a huge bag of weed on them, fill that quota sir". Just then you look out your window to see three popo cars sirens blairin' pull up and arrest your ex friend. This is justice brought on in the name of revenge, Vengeful Justice!
On the school play-ground:
Kid 1: Yo man, why you turn me in for my weed?

kid 2: Because I knew your greedy ass wouldn't gimme a hit, just like last time!

kid 1: So what man, that's fucked up!

kid 2: No, that's Vengeful Justice!
by Redwings Addict September 13, 2010
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To create a blog for the sake of publicly shaming or embarassing someone. The most infamous examples of this to date are the Amir Tofangsazan "Sold a Broken Laptop" blog and the "Stolen Sidekick" Blog.
Using internet publication resources to ridicule or embarass someone.
That guy who lied about selling a broken laptop got a huge steaming pile of blog-venge thrown at him!
by Timbotron3000 June 12, 2006
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A well-trodden, sloppy and particularly menacing vagina.
I say, Dawn, I was expecting Sarah's clunge to be a tarty snapper but to my horror it turned out to be a vengeful slophole. Lucky to have made it out in one piece.
by Vote for Raoul March 24, 2019
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