The po po, the fuzz, the cops.
From the TV show Hawaii Five-0.
by LeRoy January 13, 2004
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Slang for an officer of the law. Usually when you are doing something illegal.

Avoid five 0's at all costs.

Originated from the show Hawaii Five 0

Shit its the five 0 run!1!111

I got caught by the five 0
by gbrd December 17, 2007
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A police officer. Originally came form the T.V. series Hawaii Five 0.
The Five 0's right there you better slow down so you won't get a ticket.
by M1tch January 16, 2006
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Five 0's a slang turm to describe the cops. maybe came from the police show hawawi 5-0
by NLR718 June 3, 2006
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While driving: Cops are on your ass and they just flicked their lights.

On foot: the pigs peeped your cypher and are headed your way, time to wutang that shit.
same as above.
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