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plural ven·dies ven·dees,

ven·died ven·deed, ven·dy·ing. ven·dee·ing

1. Individuals whom hang around the vending machines typically smoking 'cigs'.
-Sub-cultures of this demographic can also taken from the meta classifications of all popular cultures or cliques and redefined and suffixed with the term 'vendy'.
-Unfortunately, anyone can be a vendy.
Bro: 'Dude, I just tried to grab a bag of chips from the machine around the corner, and got stared down by a bunch of vendies'

Dude: 'Haha! Was it the hipster vendies? I've never had trouble with them before."

Bro: 'Nah dude, the goth vendies. I'm pretty sure one of them hissed at me.'

Dude: 'Damn Bro, I dont know whats up, but I heard the emo vendies were acting up too.'

Bro: 'Yea, I heard Homie talking about how he got vendied by them yesterday.'

Dude: 'Almost make me want to start vendying just so i can grab something to eat.'

Bro: 'Whoa Dude, too far!'
by abe'bro'ham lincoln October 14, 2012
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An abbreviation for vending machines, it originated in a northwest ohio school but has spread in usage nationwide due to dispersion of graduates
hey, I'm hungry, do you want to go the vendies?
by Emily Boehm October 07, 2005
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