"If you grow a moustache for Movember, you will get

no vember."
by Nekoian November 08, 2011
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AKA LazyReaperZXY AKA LazyReaperZX AKA GrimReaperZXY aka Vember Films AKA Vember Saab AKA Vembuu AKA Mining Vember

Vember is going for a Nintendo Switch and he loves mining gold to get money.
Guy 1: Who is that?
Guy 2: That is Vember he is saving up for a nintendo switch
Guy 1: That is sick, Vember is so cool and sexy
Guy 2: Yep!
by Ndukauba Fan 123 January 23, 2021
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When you accidentally ask a woman with an articulated mustache if she is participating in Movember.
Hey do you know Bridgette in Accounting with that fuzzy little mustache on her? I totally pulled an OH-NO-Vember at lunch with her today!
by duckslayer11 November 19, 2010
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Nut-vember is holiday spent in the month of November where instead of no nut November you do the exact opposite
Ya I'm participating in Nut-vember where I destroy my penis
by Uniboss November 04, 2020
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In New Zealand, prostate cancer awareness month is held in November, so men grow moustaches "mo's" in support of this cause
check out his handlebar mo, he must be doing Mo-vember
by Belle2008 November 18, 2008
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