No nut, no Vember
by Riverthick November 4, 2019
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An adrenaline rush, something that makes you nervous, neurotic, up-tight,etc.
by Allen rictor June 15, 2004
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"If you grow a moustache for Movember, you will get

no vember."
by Nekoian November 8, 2011
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AKA LazyReaperZXY AKA LazyReaperZX AKA GrimReaperZXY aka Vember Films AKA Vember Saab AKA Vembuu AKA Mining Vember

Vember is going for a Nintendo Switch and he loves mining gold to get money.
Guy 1: Who is that?
Guy 2: That is Vember he is saving up for a nintendo switch
Guy 1: That is sick, Vember is so cool and sexy
Guy 2: Yep!
by Ndukauba Fan 123 January 23, 2021
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When you accidentally ask a woman with an articulated mustache if she is participating in Movember.
Hey do you know Bridgette in Accounting with that fuzzy little mustache on her? I totally pulled an OH-NO-Vember at lunch with her today!
by duckslayer11 November 19, 2010
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Nut-vember is holiday spent in the month of November where instead of no nut November you do the exact opposite
Ya I'm participating in Nut-vember where I destroy my penis
by Uniboss November 4, 2020
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1. the eleventh month of the year, in the southern hemisphere usually considered the last month of spring.
2. a time to reflect on the many laborious tasks that were detrimental to the health of one’s knees.
3. the period from the first of November leading into the Christmas rush, on your hands and knees, predrilling and countersinking deck boards, thinking ‘how am I going to smash out all these deck jobs before the end of the year?’, then thinking of the time you saw someone use a Quik Drive but were sceptical if it would actually work, even though there are heaps of positive videos and reviews…
“this Knee-vember I’m going to use Quik Drive
by cien_fuegos November 18, 2021
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