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A person who eats only vegans or vegan byproducts.
After an unsettling doctor's visit, Hannibal Lecter decided to improve his diet and become a vegatarian.
by Will_Graham July 02, 2013
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A vegatarian is someone who does not eat or buy meat except under the following conditions:

1. if it is very inconvenient not to eat meat at that particular meal.

2. if they are sure that the meat will get thrown out or wasted.

3. on very special occasions.

The point of vegatarianism is to bridge the gap between the hard line approach of vegetarians and the over indulgent approach of most of western society.

It is by definition a flexible term and is meant to be a set of simple guidelines for people who want to eat less meat but don`t want to be vegetarians.

An important tenant of vegatarianism is to talk about it. The word was created help strengthen the dialog and practice of eating less meat. So every good vegatarian will not hesitate in telling you he or she is a vegatarian. (while making sure not to come off as self righteous.)

Pronunciation: like mega with a v
Chris: No, I'm a vegetarian now.

Alex: Wait, so your not even going to eat meat if its going to get thrown out? that sucks, whats happened to you?

Chris: Your right, what was I thinking, I'm definitely a vegatarian.
by Ting Fung July 26, 2010
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A person who plays only the character Vega in Street Fighter.
Dude you've been using nobody but Vega all day long. What are you, a Vegatarian or something?
by 3PiecesOfBread November 12, 2011
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