An absolute gorgeous women who's, smile lights up your day. She is charismatic and the life of the party, she'll get you anywhere you want to go. She is characterized by fearlessness and a bubbly seductive nature. Her laugh can't help but make you smile. she sometimes struggles with letting people in but once she does, she's totally got your back. A hard worker that always has their dreams in mind. If you ever get a chance to meet a Vanessa do everything in your power, to respect and cherish her. If your every lucky enough to be with a Vanessa know that she will change your world.
Vanessa-"If I were you I'd never leave"
by LBS5 October 5, 2018
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vanessa is a female name, and in greek is means ‘butterfly’. vanessas are beautiful and strong, and most importantly always stay tough on the inside. no matter what, they will fight until the ends of the earth for their best friends, too. they are very positive, and shy at first. however, once you get to know them, you’ll find out that theyre extremely adventurous and lovable. it’s always a plus to have a vanessa in ur life!
vanessa is MY best friend, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!
by basketballsoccer21 November 27, 2017
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Vanessa: A girl who is overlooked by others, someone who is very special but is much too often taken for granted. An amazing girl who is incredibly beautiful on the inside and out. A person who is extremely sensitive, even in a comfortable environment. Although very friendly and sociable, Vanessa can be shy and apprehensive. A person who comes once in a lifetime, that will change who you are as a person forever. Someone who you should never let go, if you do you will regret it. She loves to sing, eat, and laugh. Her soulmate will be someone that shes had a past with and came back in her life, Vanessa is described as a simple word such as beauty.
Vanessa is Like A Flower Freshly Cut From A Garden
by NameEdits November 22, 2012
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Vanessa is a great friend and an all-around great person to spend time with. She is shy around new people but can be a lot of fun once you get to know her. She's mysterious and only shares secrets with her closest friends. However, she will always be there for you if you need her. She has the most beautiful brown eyes that sparkle when she looks at you and her smile will light up your day. She is beautiful in every way. She also has a unique sense of fashion. Vanessa can be seen wearing mismatched shoes and socks, and bright colors. Vanessa enjoys baking and is a superb artist. She is a girl you come across once in a lifetime. If you are friends with Vanessa, don't let her go or you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Friend #1: I went to the movies last night with Vanessa.
Friend #2: No way! How was it?
Friend #1: Amazing! She is the sweetest girl in the world!
Friend #2: I know! How could anyone not love her?
by JeffreyTheGiraffe May 19, 2013
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The most amazing girl u will ever meet. Has an amazing smile. Beautiful eyes. And a charismatic personality.she will never fail to make u smile and she has an amazing body. God took his sweet time on her. She just makes u wanna go.. mmmmm mm mm m.
by Derrick the great. April 6, 2018
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Vanessa is the more beautiful person out there in the world. She is described to be a handful but when she is handled with the right care she is found to be very loving and caring. She loves animals and will always be in hearts and she is a tough spirited person who can give a great whopping
by alysia_boo December 15, 2013
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A shy quiet girl that does her best to work hard. Has beautiful brown eyes and mostly overlooked sometimes. Doesn’t speak much unless you’re her best friend. Once you know her better than you can admit that she’s very crazy but very lovable. Has a hard time communicating because of her past and is still affected. Is very loyal and a great listener. She’ll tried to help you out in a situation. She gets emotional pretty quick and that could either be great or not depending on the situation. Either way she’s a great person to make friends with. People thinks she’s innocent but they haven’t see her yet. There’s not that much people anymore like her. Once you meet a Vanessa never let her go or you’ll regret it.
Friend #1: Yah! What did you say to Vanessa?!

Bf: We were just arguing about her love for BTS and she just got emotional about it

Friend #1: that’s how Vanessa is. She gets emotional about this things. They are like family to her

Bf: yeah which is why I bought her favorite candies and food cause I don’t want to lose her at all. It was very hard to have her because of things I’m tje past and I won. I don’t ever want to let her go

Friend #1: great now go before I have to do something
by BangtanGir March 28, 2018
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