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A movie that well... kind of sucked. Based on the previews, it really didn't look bad. Anything that has dancing werewolves and a spoof about some of those insane team Edward/Jacob fans can't be too bad, right? Wrong. This movie is only 80 minutes, but it feels much longer. The movie drags on, and the plot is just random. It has a few good moments that make you laugh, but for the most part, you just want it to end. It doesn't even matter if you love or hate Twilight. Both Twilight lovers and haters could have enjoyed this movie. Instead, lovers hate it because it doesn't even make sense, and haters hate it because it is a lame parody of Twilight. Overall, it is a complete waste of time and money. Enjoy.
Boy #1: "Vampires Suck? Isn't that the movie that makes fun of Twilight? I want to see it!"

Boy #2: "Yeah, well Vampires Suck sucks even more than Edward Cullen with a sippy cup of blood!"
by craziness15 September 11, 2010
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Another one of those spoof movies made by the same guys who made Meet the Spartans , Disaster Movie and etc but this time attacking The Twilight series . If you've seen Meet the Spartans and/or Disaster Movie, You know this movie is going to be shit. No I hate Twilight so I am not defending it.
Friend 1: Hey man want to see a movie?

Friend 2: Sure, what is it?

Friend 1: Vampires suck, it's made by the same guys who made Disaster movie and Meet the Spartans. It's going to be funny!

Friend 2: I hate you GTFO of my sight.
by CsDaMan August 04, 2010
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the most awesome movie out! makes twilight look like crap! if you haven't seen it your missing out!
person 1: you want to see twilight?

person 2: are you crazy vampires suck is way better!
by lrn_strn15 September 05, 2010
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The most epic spoof movie to come out this summer. For all the people who are tired of the stupid "Team Jacob" or "Team Edward" b.s.

Tagline: "From the guys that couldn't sit through another vampire movie"
Person 1: What are you doing on August 18th?
Person 2: Watching Vampires Suck
by Princess03 August 10, 2010
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