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(vam-pee) Comes from the vampires' bloodline. In other words, it's an immortal creature that excesively drinks Coca~Cola. Like vampires, they drink blood, but just for fun. They can sometimes be hyper because of all the sugar that they constantly drink. Like vampires, they do have a weakness. Their weakness are coconuts, other sodas, tomatoes, and fried eggs. To kill a vampie, you have to shove any of those weaknesses up their noses. To revive them, u may shove bacon in their mouths.

WARNING: They may take one portion of bacon every 3 hours. If not, they may have: heart attacks, excesive need for blood, the urge to stab people, the urge to hug people, the need to be weird, deception problems, excesive thirst and hunger, may feel the need to have sexual relation, and many others.
CAUTION: They may get too hyper if they take 5 or more servings of Coca~Cola.
I'm not a vampire, you dumb butt! I'm a vampie.
by AlexxaVamppie May 19, 2011
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1. A type of pie that can feed on your blood from the inside to slowly kill you
2. a type of pie that can turn you into a vampire
3. a soul placed into a pie to be eaten and slowly drink the victom blood till it dies and the soul can take over the victoms blood.
1. "Did you hear that Alex got served yesterday"
"How so?"
"Mary made him a vampie for desert"
"Lol, he deserves it"
2. Max ate a vampie, and now he's hotter than Edward Cullen. Who knew that a chess club nerd could get so hot with just a vampie.
3. Linda died a few days ago, but the witches put her soul in a vampie. A few days later Linda was in pop star Miley Cyrus's body and started posting dirty pictures of herself on the web.
by TheDeadPie February 23, 2009
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