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1. Lead singer of all time low, a pop-rock band.
2. Has many over obssesive fans who do not know concert edicit
3. Sex
4. Is obssesed with sex, and girls.
5. Is a singer/song writter/matador
1. Alexander Gaskarth is so amazing, oh, he's the lead singer of All Time Low.
2. "Like OMG she pushed me" a girl brushes her hair against another girl, "Alexander Gaskarth is mine hoe" pushes girl on floor where she almost gets trampled
3. Alexander Gaskarth is Sex
4. "I'm glad i didn't go there concert, my sister said all they talked about was how they wanted to have sex with each and everyone of them, even the guys".
by TheDeadPie February 23, 2009

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1. A type of pie that can feed on your blood from the inside to slowly kill you
2. a type of pie that can turn you into a vampire
3. a soul placed into a pie to be eaten and slowly drink the victom blood till it dies and the soul can take over the victoms blood.
1. "Did you hear that Alex got served yesterday"
"How so?"
"Mary made him a vampie for desert"
"Lol, he deserves it"
2. Max ate a vampie, and now he's hotter than Edward Cullen. Who knew that a chess club nerd could get so hot with just a vampie.
3. Linda died a few days ago, but the witches put her soul in a vampie. A few days later Linda was in pop star Miley Cyrus's body and started posting dirty pictures of herself on the web.
by TheDeadPie February 23, 2009

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the act of seeming not very gay, or being the textbook straight, then becoming increasingly gay until its overwhelming and awkward.
Nick seem normal, and he said he was straight. But then he starting stalking Bob as a cross-dresser. We all knew he was Gayier.
by TheDeadPie February 23, 2009

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