1. Literally, Latin for Valley

2. The guy all the Italian girls want, and they're ashamed about it
1. Vallis is the Valley

2. Vallis? He's that strange guy.. I wanna suck his cock
by CorpseGrinder5000Returns October 24, 2018
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Valium pills.

Valium is a brand name for diazepam, used to treat anxiety and generally calm people down. A benzodiazepine, it is quite addictive. Often combined with alcohol for people who want to get relaxed and drunk quickly.

Vallies and vodka

So stressed she resorted to the vallies again
by theprince January 9, 2006
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Vally is a youtuber that loves calling people

And slamming his balls into a waffleiron.
I think vally is a apex pro and should be apex predator on arena

Should play with his friends more
by IM Yndn August 30, 2021
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This term is for rollercoaster when a train stops in the middle of a ride because of loss momentum and gets caught between elements (for ex. cold weather).
At Six Flags Magic Mountain, the X has vallied again so therefore its closed.
by shyguysaid March 2, 2006
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Word to be used for saying someone loves something or someone.
You know Michael? He's totally vallis for Sarah.

You know Michael? I think he might be a cat vallis.
by ZEN SUKKII December 11, 2020
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Tourists that comes to Santa Cruz for the beaches or tries to surf. Usually from San Jose or Tracy. Hated by locals. Vallies go home.
Look at those fucken vallies crowding the beaches
by SantaCruzLocal October 18, 2010
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