when you unleash your load on to a womans forehead so it runs down over their face giving the immpression of a wedding vail!
"spunk on head, watch it dribble down, laugh" = wedding vail
by nx0691 August 7, 2007
When a vail gets placed on a mans head and they leave it on with pride.
While at work, a vail was placed on Aarons head he wore it with pride and gave us the thumbs up! He was showing great vail pride.
by Vickie V September 11, 2006
A piece of shit that is completely worthless and noboby actually wants. Before distribution, they stamp their logo all over it so nobody can mistake it for actual garbage.
Man this buff is a sweet Vail Resorts Gift.
by Robert Katz November 15, 2007
Girl of your dreams. Funny, beautiful, sweet, and adorable. She fills the void in your heart.
Man: Dude, who's that?
Other: I dunno, but she's my Charlotte Vail.
by The_Swede March 31, 2010
Eating a pepperoni from a DiGiorno pizza off a naked girls butthole. Preferably in the kitchen.
While vacationing in Vail my girlfriend put a pepperoni slice from a DiGiorno pizza on her butthole and told me to eat it. She called this the “vail Hot Pocket” and became a tradition whenever eating a pizza.
by February 7, 2022
Madison vail the sexiest beast u will ever meet she is funny smart and will rock your world pleasure to be around her own person and loves 9 inches
Damn it's madison vail
by Mr.big shlong March 5, 2017