A slang term for the female genitalia. It may commonly be confused with type of pasta sauce.
The elderly woman's vagu looked like a grilled cheese sandwich being spread apart.
by Eiri Yuki December 1, 2007
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To think,mean or say something in a way which is not clear or definite.
Dont vague to her.
by Crazy_kiddo January 24, 2017
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Posting or talking about drama without naming the specific details.
"Lindsay just tweeted 'no tears left to cry over you b'"

"OMG no way, she's totally vagueing about Connor"
by vivian1345 September 17, 2018
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It's when something, or someone is sort of non-specific about whatever it is that they might (or might not) be talking about, dealing with, screwing or what have you. Unless it's not, which means that at some point it may or may not be. Time will tell.
Insert specific example of vague here. Show your work.
by Madmann October 7, 2005
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A quality future bosses and politicians display from early childhood onwards. They are partial to longwinded and obscure explanations for the simple and the direct. When asked in pre school if they've cleaned behind the ears they tend to lapse into a long, shiny monologue on the merits of discontinuing plastic bags and collaring pet hamsters. Vagueness therefore is a noble and useful habit of committing to nothing, of never confronting the hostile other party and always letting the object person think what he's heard is probably what he wanted to hear, not realizing he couldn't be farther from the truth.
billy: 'I did the Sucksville Project which brought in handsome revenues to the firm. I expect suitable compensation and the corner office with the sea-view, and the tall secretary with the finely weighted boobs.'

boss:' d-uh? Collect tickets to the Sunday Game on your way out from my PA. And don't forget, we are full up to our necks with work. Yeah, i vaguely recall the project you speak of- I remember getting a raise for it last week. The system has high expectations of you, and we value this association. If you're free the next weekend i'd like you to stay back in office and fill in for me, and show us that commitment you've been talking of. Did you say something about a tall girl, I'm looking for a change myself.'
by manjeet sg February 7, 2015
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"In The Vague" is an expression that means "i kinda know but not really." It means that you aren't sure about something.
Ted: "Hey, could you help me with my calculus homework"
Mike: "what is it on?"
Ted: "derivatives"
Mike: "i don't know man, i haven't done those since freshman year, i am kinda in the vague about how to do them"
Ted: "aight man, it's cool"
by thepoison September 19, 2010
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Vague is when something is not explained fully. A Vague character is somebody that people do not know anything about.
Tom: Who's that girl?
Dave: Dunno some minter.

Ben: Look at that guy walking around with one shoe! Who is he!
Dave: Fuck knows! Some Vague character!
by Wasnim February 20, 2005
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