The act of pushing ones weiner and balls back between his legs and squeezing his legs shut; hence, the appearance of a vagina as the weiner and balls are hiding towards the butt. Usually works better when standing, as it makes one stand awkwardly like an embarassed naked woman.
Tom pulled a vagina man on the bus ride. John is not gay; however, he said Tom would be a hot chick.
by Lost Almost August 17, 2010
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The savor of a women whose vagina's are getting raped. Usually gives women a fuck only if they're hot. He flies around looking for any villains committing a sexual contact crime. He works with penis girl the savor of penises when men are getting raped by women. They work together to defeat sexual crime and to destroy their evil nemesis IRON DICK who has a dick 10 to 12 feet long metal dick with unknown technology. (do not protect he cities from regular crimes for example: bank robberies).
Oh no, my vagina's getting raped ahhhhhh. Oh look up in the sky. Is it a bird?, is it a plane?, no, it's Vagina Man!!! yay
by you dont gots to knows June 11, 2009
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A so-called man that puts up with a partners tantrums so he does not have to be alone.
Brandon must like being a vagina man because he turns a blind eye to Monica's tantrums and kisses her ass even when shes in the wrong!
by QweneT to u bitch December 16, 2021
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The legendary hero, Vagina Man has no arms but carries a large flag and stands for liberation.

He stands for the rights of vaginas everywhere.
"Vagina Man? He's a vagina and he's holding a flag. What more is there? .. and he is holding a flag."
by kclepi March 8, 2008
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The person in a friendship group who thinks they are hard but will die a virgin
by Wedge12345 November 22, 2021
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When a man is wearing too tight of pants and you can see his ball sack split by the seam of his pants that is a man vagina.
That nerd has a man vagina with his slacks on too tight when he sits down.
by Nicky with a big sticky April 10, 2020
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A boy with a "penis" but acts like a girl with a very large vagina who likes to mind peoples business but refuses to say to directly to the faces of the people they talk about
Joe Grecco talks behind everyone's back because he is a man vagina and can not say it to their faces - not even to a woman that really does have a vagina.
by Princepessa August 5, 2005
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