12 definitions by QweneT to u bitch

When a person is up to no good and means emotional harm to another person
That Val is so bad minded towards anyone she meets.
by QweneT to u bitch September 9, 2021
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two back stabbing shady people that will stop at nothing to get their next high.. even if it means candy coating their talks to benefit themselves.

two faced.. worthless humans
Them two shady crackheads are at it again with their fuckrey!
by QweneT to u bitch May 13, 2019
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a person that is the direct descendant of Lucifer. An evil toxic man that is only out for himself.
You may want to stay far from Lew, he means no good!
by QweneT to u bitch May 13, 2019
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A person who knows nothing but thinks they know everything therefore sounding like an idiot
Randy is such a dumb fucktard. He should learn to not talk so much!
by QweneT to u bitch March 12, 2023
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Aka... retarded

When a Canadian / Jamaican male acts like he a woman that gets menstrual cramps every 28 days. Eg... when he doesn't agree with something and wants to be heard.. he then starts acting like a cry baby bitch!
Look at Chuckie, he's acting so re-arded, like a cry baby bitch!
by QweneT to u bitch August 26, 2021
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A very highly promiscuous woman that will stop at nothing to get sex whenever and wherever. She does not get paid for the sex she has as she loves every second of it. She is shady and will go behind corners and sleep with husbands/boyfriends of friends and family and if caught, she simple just blames the female for not taking care of HER business. You can almost always find her in small town bars /dances where contract/farm workings come to the country to work for a season. Eventually, she will get pregnant for one of these men and try and force them to pay for the child and or marry their fat nasty asses.
Look at Linda 'the white liver woman' Leeson, she must sex at least 4 Jamaican men in a weekend when she goes to party in Simcoe, Ont. I have been witness to it!
by QweneT to u bitch June 13, 2019
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A sheltered person that is just starting to do the shenanigans in their late 40s, that their friends did in their late teens, early 20s... and doing these shenanigans like they know what their doing ( but really have no clue ) they even google how!
She just started smoking crack at 45 and look... she is so amateurish doing it that she wastes a majority of the dope! So much for Google being her teacher, she should just take the "Crack Smoking for Dummies 101" class!
by QweneT to u bitch July 12, 2021
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