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A person that acts like an asshole but tries to make you the bad guy for calling them out on their behavior in a passive-aggressive way. Thus being an asshole and a pussy at the same time in your behavior.
Don't threaten me and then back peddle when I confront you, only a vaganus would do that.
by SFNL January 06, 2018
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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(n) A condition that is caused through over penetration of the vagina and anus. As the activity persists, the two orifaces become one.
Ashley has a very large vaganus.
by clownpenis September 19, 2005
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When a small vagina is savaged by a penis of large girth (cockzilla), this causes the wall between the vagina and the anus to collapse. This creates one hole AKA Vaganus.
I tore that bitch a vaganus.

I'm sure she's got a vaganus.

This vaganus has an echo.

You could live in this vaganus.
by Mike Boom Doom Heath. June 19, 2008
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The Vaganus is the name given to ones area of skin between ones Vagina (front bottom) and ones Anus (back bottom) this is the female equivalent of the male Gooch.
Male 1 - man i went down on this chick last night

Male 2 - shit yeah what was it like

Male 1 - Sucked balls dude she had a well hairy Vaganus
by Finger Guns January 13, 2011
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As of or relating to a woman who has a vagina and an anus that are unusually close together. Or just connected.
I had sex with Sally yesterday and I couldn't tell which hole was which.

Dude she had a vaganus.
by JaBlowMyRyan21 October 17, 2009
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Noun. Female genitalia that serves the additional function of excreting feces (shitting / pooping) as compared to a vagina.

Pronunciation: Ver-jay-nus.
Had hot curry last night, my vaganus is on fire!
by maxjustin February 10, 2010
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