Michael Here
*Michael t-poses and walks into a coffee shop*
-Welcome sir!
-What would you like to order?
+Michael Here.
-Umm ok...?
+ OR AM I?
by Divorce The Bucket August 14, 2018
The single reason why YouTube hasn't been named the most moronic place on the web. vsauce brings some much needed science and class to such a place of stupidity.
Tom: Hey did you watch the new vsauce video?
George: Yeah those Mind Blow videos are so interesting.
Tom: vsauce is the only reason I go on YouTube.
George: Same here.
by Nuclear Donut July 7, 2011
I just watched a Vsauce video and gained 15 IQ points!
by ChrisBoiii25 September 11, 2017
Vsauce: Hey, Vsauce Michael Here.
Literally Everybody: *Worships Vsauce*
Vsauce: Yes, worship me, children of the church of Vsauce.
by Holy Crusader March 1, 2019
Vsauce is a YouTube brand created by Internet celebrity Michael Stevens. The channels feature videos on scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics, as well as gaming, technology, popular culture, and other general interest subjects.

by SalatSaft April 26, 2020
An awesome educational youtube channel created by Michael Stevens. Thanks to this bearded genius, you learn many mind-blowing and intriguing facts about our universe. A shame that I have not discovered this channel sooner.
Guy#1: Dude, I love vsauce. The videos are very interesting and thought-provoking.

Guy#2: Indeed, maybe there's hope for humanity after all.
by Wake Up February 9, 2013
A educational YouTube channel, with intriguing facts.
Tim: Did you watch the new Vsauce video?
John: Yea, i'm feeling so much smarter.
by CakeMan October 24, 2013