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Very Serious Person

A derisive attribution used to mockingly describe persons deemed sincere or trustworthy by popular media narratives, even when their opinions or positions may be factually in doubt.

Typically used in describing politicians, news media, editorial writers, etc.

Coined by economist Paul Krugman in characterizing Washington Post (WaPo) contributors as ill-informed or malicious in their approach to economic policy.
Before and during the Great Recession, VSP wisdom assured us that the housing market would continue to grow exponentially forever.
by ambiguator May 09, 2011
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1) He didn't wear a condom with the $1 hooker, he's a VSP.

2) Ling Ling the panda was not able to breed with the female panda at the zoo, he's a VSP.
by psychobellicrice January 11, 2011
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Visible Scalp Percentage - A percentage rating giving to the amount of scalp visble on a rapidly balding gent's head, due to excessive hair loss.

Shak's VSP is very high today due to a low sugar incident!
by meeself August 15, 2007
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VSP is a specific form of ESP (extrasensory perception).

The psychic ability to detect if a person is a virgin.

Similar power to dixth sense.
I'm telling you... I can tell just my looking into their eyes or the way they walk! I've got VSP!!!
by goinghome04 August 11, 2009
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