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When you Scalp a bitch you verbally or physically leave him or her silent. You can Scalp a Bitch through group text, face to face, or literally scalp his or her ass.
Yo, Heather was wearing a headdress so I Scalped the bitch. Colonizer
by MoonBrownie December 01, 2015
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A part of the human body, locatied above the neck. such as some head, or some brains, or some mouth, or some tounge, or some scalp. Used to dicribe oral sex on the male penis.
Yo' momma came over last night and gave up the SCALP, It was almost as good as your sister last week when she gave up the brains.
by KIKA CHULA April 14, 2006
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From the word copper-scalp, refering to somone who is both stupid and a wanker. However, it is most commenly used for somone who, due to their own stupidity, makes thw wrong decistions and ends up being a heavy-set nobody.
" U-Turn only you piss-faced scalp!" -My dad
"Jeez, you can be a real scalp sometimes"-Me to my friend after he parked his car halfway up a hillock and forget to put the handbrake on. It knocked his dads fence over.
by C-Dawg (no, really) April 03, 2006
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scalp : (noun) the number of ladies you’ve managed to fuck over your lifetime or in a given period.

to scalp : (Verb) to fuck, to successfully get laid hence getting the scalp of the woman you’ve been after.
A: hey mate, did you end up screwing that Fiona at the party?
B: are you fucking kidding mate?! I scalped the living shit out of her!
by Quaglia August 30, 2018
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When you scalp a hoe, you leave them silent and they're probably going to shake their Semmel ;)
March 12th, the day Tugce scalped tf out of vicky and made her cry. But it wasn't that evil because whales need salty tears, water, to survive :)
by Milgus March 12, 2018
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head, face love, monica lewinsky, top, brain, knowledge, putting one's mind to it, salami wash
yo, that bitch gave me mad scalp last night
by Dan August 25, 2003
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