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VSCO is for the “gorls.”
VSCO is an app that girls can feel confident on without the pressures of likes or comments.
by randomperson5825 June 19, 2018
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If u want to know if a girl likes you. Shoot her a cute text and then check her Vsco
by How to get the girl August 16, 2018
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A app used for girls because Fortnite is for the guys. While they are shooting guns we are shooting pictures. If a boy wants to know how a girl feels,, go to her vsco. It’s like a big diary for girls who ever once an awhile post booty pics.
by 61688444 June 14, 2018
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vsco, the one place where girls can post what they want w/o having to worry about numbers. the place where gals can have fun & relax. saturday’s might be for the boys, but vsco is for the girls.
vsco makes me so happy, i can do whatever the heck i want man
by teslaj June 20, 2018
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the official app for girls to express themselves with artsy pics and being creative. Also so the guys check their vsco with cute sayings about their bfs and crushes.
Girl 1: Why did he cheat on me. Why are guys such jerks? Why do I need to be single.
Girl 2: That goes straight to vsco
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by summerknowsbest July 02, 2018
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VSCO is a photo editing app that most Instagram users use. This app is used by most basic white chicks to make their photos look "Instagram Worthy", whatever that sh*t means.
I see the world through my VSCO-colored lenses.

This meal would look better on the M5 filter, wouldn't it, Jess?
by d33znut5 October 14, 2015
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