A social media used to post typically aesthetic clips or photos which was ruined by scrunchie obsessed dumbasses who call themselves “vsco girls
Person: Omg I got this app called vsco and it’s so cool
Vsco girl”: omg vsco? Sksksk and i Oop i am so for that!

Person: Yea I post a lot of my photography on ther-

Vsco girl: and I oop- where’s your hydroflasksksksksk??
by xoxodumbassgorl September 08, 2019
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VSCO is a photo editing app that most Instagram users use. This app is used by most basic white chicks to make their photos look "Instagram Worthy", whatever that sh*t means.
I see the world through my VSCO-colored lenses.

This meal would look better on the M5 filter, wouldn't it, Jess?
by d33znut5 August 31, 2015
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the official app for girls to express themselves with artsy pics and being creative. Also so the guys check their vsco with cute sayings about their bfs and crushes.
Girl 1: Why did he cheat on me. Why are guys such jerks? Why do I need to be single.
Girl 2: That goes straight to vsco
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by summerknowsbest July 02, 2018
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A breeding ground for trends as contagious as the flu among anti-vax kids.
"Where'd the scrunchie trend come back from?"
"Started in the 80's but VSCO brought it back."

"Oh no! I see..."
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by bisexualGOD September 28, 2019
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This generations basic white bitch. She thinks shes "not like other girls" and majority of them dont think they're vsco. Theyre usually annoying beyond belief and extremelly fake. The essentials they have on their person at all times are; a shell necklace, a hydroflask, oversized t-shirts, scrunchies, starbucks, birks, crocs, and their metal straws because "skskskskksksks save the turtles"
"Holy shit its another fucking vsco girl"

"Sksksksksksksksk save the turtles, and i oop"
by F u c k m y l i f e October 04, 2019
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vsco really rich girls that flexs all there money
bro: I saw this vsco girl at she lots of scrunchies

Bro2: whoa she must have a lot of money
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by divvya September 03, 2019
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A popular aesthetic commonly made fun of on TikTok. Vsco girls are known for their large shirts that make it look like they have no pants, puka shell necklaces, hydroflasks, scrunchies, Mario badescu spray, vans, crocs, birkenstocks, and metal straws.
"I'm a VSCO girl, in a VSCO world, don't frick with plastic, it's scrunchie tastic!"
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by wheres._.the._.love October 06, 2019
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