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An app used for simple photo edits. It’s become quite popular as of 2018/2019. Commonly made fun of due to the type of girls (appropriately named VSCO Girls) who use the app and are typically quite annoying about it and other things.

Also commonly used amongst Tumblr users who make aesthetic moodboards and other things of that nature.
VSCO is pronounced vis-koh
by mehemily September 05, 2019

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A collection of images, usually published to websites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and WeHeartIt that are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

They typically have some kind of theme, such as a color scheme, or a story to go along with the images.
The photos in moodboards usually don’t belong to the person who created it.
by mehemily September 05, 2019

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To obsess over and support a celebrity/influencer/etc.

Typically used in reference to stan twitter where people make fan accounts of the person they stan.
It’s very fuzzy as to where the word originated, but it’s believed to have been taken from Eminem’s song “Stan” about a STalker-fAN who supported him so hard to the point where it took a dark turn.
by mehemily September 05, 2019

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A phrase commonly used to reply to bold statements. It originated after a video of a drag queen named Jasmine Masters saying it went viral.

This is a phrase commonly used by VSCO Girls as of late 2019, but was popularized by stan twitter and black twitter communities around June/July.
Person A: omg person c is such a snake...
Person B: and i oop-
by mehemily September 05, 2019

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A response people use to say that they found something funny in place of “LMAO” or “LOL.”

Commonly used amongst VSCO Girls, however it used to be very popular amongst gay people and stan twitter. It’s unknown exactly when it started to get popular, but there’s no one specific group who invented it.
Person A: omg that was so funny!
Person B: ikr! sksksk
by mehemily September 05, 2019

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An a abbreviation for That Hoe Over There.

Usually refers to a woman who sleeps around with multiple men and no regard for these men’s feelings. It’s also frequently used as an insult in general for someone that you don’t like.

It’s a derogatory term, however it’s become common to see people use it as a joke insult that they playfully call their friends.
Person A: lmao you’re such a thot
Person B: yeah fam wbk 🤧
by mehemily September 05, 2019

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Most commonly, thick is a term used to describe someone who’s not skinny, but not fat either. They usually have large boobs or a large ass, and are proportionated like an hourglass. It is also spelled “thicc” at times.

Thick can also be used as a synonym for stupid, and is usually used as a slang term in the UK and other surrounding areas.
“Damn, did you see how thick that girl is? I want a piece of that ass!”

“Are you thick? Why would you think such a stupid thing?”
by mehemily September 05, 2019

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