VOP - is usually used when a person is full of emotions, shocked or excited.
-Look! This girl is outa the limits!
-VOP! Thats right, la!
by White Talent February 21, 2019
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used to describe the point of view of an omniscient narrator who sees a scene unfold, unlike POV which would imply the point of view is strictly from a single person and would not clearly give enough context for the reader to understand.
MAN! stop using POV to describe your VOP memes! it's grammatically inaccurate!!
by lekarmy June 20, 2023
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A male who is a Victim Of Pink. A guy who likes to wear pink clothing when he isn't gay.
Ewwww look, its a VOP.
by DJ Hace August 22, 2006
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To vacuum and mop.
I’m going to vop the floor”.
by getnby May 27, 2021
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shit, dude. i missed my counseling appointment yesterday, so i got VOP. i have a court date on monday, gonna suck if i go to jail.
by tttypewriter March 26, 2011
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Used like a curse word. Also used to emphasise what you are saying.
1. Vop you!

2. I had a vopping great wedding photographer.

3. We vopped all night!

4. Get vopped you nerd!
by raventhorn86 June 22, 2009
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noun- to perform potentially illicit activities in a small group (usually less than eight individuals), for the purposes of entertainment and comradery

verb- to partake in above potentially illicit activities
Friend- Yooo I'm straight up not having a good time, it's been a long day.
You- Vop?
Friend- Ayyy you always know how to get me in the right mood ;)
by Madtown Dilf October 31, 2019
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