"Okay class," said Miss Nogard. "Who can tell me the 22nd letter of the alphabet?"
"V," thought Rondi.
"V," thought Benjamin.
"W," thought Ron.
"V," thought Joy.
Miss Nogard called on Ron.
"W," said Ron.
"No, I'm sorry," said Miss Nogard. "The answer was V."
"She should have called on me!" thought Rondi.
"Ron's stupid," thought Joy.
"What an idiot!" thought Benjamin.
by Sam October 09, 2006
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The main, kick ass character in the movie V for Vendetta. He has awesome knife skills and can kill you before you reload your gun.
Mr. Creedy- Watcha gonna do huh? We've sweept this place, you've got nothing, nothing but your bloody knives and your fancy karate gimmicks. we have guns!
V- no, what you have are bullets and the hope that when your guns are empty I'm no longer standing... becuase if i am... you'll all be dead before you've reloaded...

everyone shoots, v is shot many many times kneels then stands and proceeds to kill everyone with his knives except Mr. Creedy who he kills with his hands around his neck like he said he would
by CliffordII August 26, 2008
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Abbreviative slang term for Very.
Used when you're too lazy to spell out the effing word so u abbreviate it and hope whoever you're talking to can take a fucking hint.
1: *Drawing Shrek vore*
1: Voilà! My greatest creation yet!
2: v nice.
by a dude, probably May 17, 2019
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short term for the slang word v-juice from the television series "True Blood", effects include: Extreme sexual arousal, Hallucinations, Ecstasy & Pleasure. Although a seemingly great drug, V can result in major withdrawals.
Jason Stackhouse: What the f*ck is in that V you sold me last night?
Lafayette: Will you stfu? And ain't nothin' wrong with the sh* I sold you.
by zamby June 17, 2009
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the area right above the crotch so when you wear low pants you can see two lines just below the stomache, slanting inward. You can see it on both men and woman but it's definately more common with men.
Pull up your pants man you can see your V!
by V0DK4 January 12, 2007
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Shortened version of "very"
Did you see that movie last night? It was v. bad.
by alison January 20, 2004
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