stupid blonde essex girls from colchester especially people that think they are ninjas
i'm not going out tonight it will be full of the usual colly scum
by Pedromaximus October 29, 2010
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Oftentimes used when referring to a videoclip that resembles the build up to a pornography video.
Brad: Bro doesn’t she get stuck in the dryer during this scene?
Chad: I usually skip this part
by shiestyintern June 16, 2022
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When someone is usually or always motioned or acting in a way that is uncomfortable to one straight person.
Big Daddy Justin: “Hey did you know that Cindy was blowing her dad last night?”

Kid named Ethan: “Like come on bro, you don’t gotta tell me that I already know like I was there with her”

Cindy’s Dad: “haha.. kids these days... their all usually gay!”
by Albert Einstein of Explanation February 10, 2021
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“i usually skip this part” a term 6th grade boys use saying they skip that part in porn
*a boy and hot girl flirting* “duudeeee i usually skip this part”
by hottyhot2.5 June 4, 2022
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a clip in a porn video that is so cringe that people skip it
p⭐️: “I’ll threaten to suck your cock and get it so hard that you will cum all over my face.”
people watching: “I usually skip this part”
by rayneptune June 30, 2022
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1) A phrase used whenever you have nothing better to say or you just want someone's approval for no real reason. To have to work properly, one person must initiate the phrase as shown in the example.
Person 1: 'You know how it is:'
Person 2 (responds): 'The usual morning rotation'
by 323+ December 12, 2003
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Niandra LaDes and Ususally Just a T-Shirt is a solo album created by former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarest John Frusciante the album was released March 8, 1994. The album has a tecno, rock, lofi edge to it. It's a combination of dark and molotic sounds that John gets out of instruments such as vocals, guitar, piano, bass and clairinet.
by lucas_222 August 4, 2007
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