A doctor who has been to multiple countries to serve or learn, the doctor treats you as though you are about to die but at the same time you are going to live a good life, the doctor usually has big eyes and is most of the time a big shot woman who freaking awesome and sometimes scary in colonoscopies.
The usual doctor was very interesting and I showed him this definition at my visit
by Hekil80pplin2dayshesadoptedmvl November 15, 2018
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Doesn't exist. Either you're gay or not.
Guy: I might be usually gay.
Girl: Are you gay?
Guy: Yes.
by Diiznuds69/420 December 18, 2021
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What racist white people like to describe black people as, "the usual suspects" without explicitly saying black people. Sadly this has become somewhat of a trend by accounts with no real name or profile pictures.
TMJ4 Milwaukee: another sad case of a deadly shooting tonight...
YouTube: let me guess... The usual suspects right?
by latrelljennings August 17, 2022
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Words used to passive aggressively describe a situation you self-pityingly expected, yet did not want to occur.
Graves inting, jgl diff as per usual. FF 15 pls.
by Dustyhead December 1, 2019
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Shit - you never saw that one coming.
"She's going to save herself till marriage?"


"But she looks like a pornstar. She always shows off her tits, and flirts, and flaunts it!"

"I know it's like the Usual Suspects ending."

"Fuck. I'd dump her if I were you. Dirty cock tease."
by pH Balance January 31, 2008
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TV crew: Okay, now, Jon, tell us what your life is like.
Jon: Yo,yo,yo bitchez! That bitch Kate was just a sperm hungry whore, so now that im free im a PIMPIN sunnabitch. Im just doin the usual do up in this bitch.
by Theflyestchibibitch December 2, 2010
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A response to a question regarding an adjective, but not bothering to repeat said adjective.
Guy #1: "How's Ellie looking? Is she hot?

Guy #2: "-Er than usual."

Guy #1 "Dude, how's the pow out there? Fluffy?"
Guy #2 "Eh, -er than usual, but not wonderful."
by thisnamebetterbeavailable March 31, 2011
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