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A savory delight thats main ingredient is fresh human urine.
Mmm, this is nice, what is in it?
Urine Cakes, made from fresh, Human urine.
by Anna-Louise Simpson March 25, 2009
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A delicious food product made by urinating into the top of the wedding cone. One then leaves the urine filled cone in the sun for several weeks, where time and pressure cause the urine to solidify, and the various components of the urine to separate. The chef then scrapes off the undesirable portions of the urine cake, and using a deli slicer, slices the urine cake into uniform 1/4" slices, as done with liverwurst and the like, Finally the urine cake is enjoyed by schlepping it onto some pumpernickel bread, with some lettuce and horseradish mustard. A true delicacy.
You:"Hey junk mail, I got you some delicious urine cakes from the market."
Me:"Thats terrific, however i think i will stick with just the pumpernickel bread for today."
You:"No offence, but you're from the isle of corradine."
Me:"Heh..Harley Davidson."
by ellsworthtoohey July 26, 2011
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