The act of creating your own word, and later submitting its definition to Also referred to as "U.D." for short.
Bob: Dude, I totally made up this amazing word!
Joe: Really, what is it?
Bob: Kadlrkyasoh!!
Joe: Yo dude, you better Urban-Dictionize that.
Bob: Yeah man, I'm totally gonna U.D. it 2nite..
by jonnjonn141 February 18, 2009
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a phrase refering to the slanged terms of the english language
"Wow, he's using urban diction, thats hip!"
by mctom October 15, 2006
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A person who makes entries into the offbeat children's website Urban Dictionary

Normally, they are individuals who think they are far funnier than they actually are, entries to the dictionary often reflect this.

They sometimes vary in forms and one may come across the pisstaker variety, whereby they make an entry in the urban dictionary, simply to ridicule other urban dictioneers.

It is somewhat a mystery how urban dictioneers are capable of converting electronic writing into actual excrement.
please see previous entry for an example of an urban dictioneer
by Master George January 23, 2007
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excessive use of invented slang terms, usually sexual and intended to shock or offend, which exist almost exclusively on
I wish these kids would stop talking about alabama hot pockets and angry dragons. They're just overusing urban diction in an effort to sound funny.
by sweet_rolls August 25, 2016
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Past Tense Verb: When a word has been added to this mthafkn dictionary.
I wonder if hort has been ubran dictionized.
by Bikr October 19, 2004
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"Man, you should have been there, I was urban dictionizing it up! Oh Yea!"
by Kyle B January 30, 2005
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someone who messes up every definition of slang because they are a hater/cockblocker/ignorant/obnoxious/pure definition of a lame/ bitch/punk/and anything that isn't right in th tru definition of the word. keep it real you pusssy ass little girl bitches and stop snitchen. a shit talker. :) be yourself.
I have no life so I write shit on urban dictionary.

You're board and a loser you must be a urban diction duche. LOL!
I feel bad for you, like pity, not sympathy, though. lol.
by i've been called MOLLY! January 2, 2012
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