Urban Dictionary Names are what you get when you let 9-12 year old girls define their names on Urban Dictionary.
Ah, Urban Dictionary Names...
Example: "Kiki
A girl who's shy and beautiful. Usually she's quiet, but once you get to know her she becomes the nicest and best friend you'll ever know."
"You dick twitches, I could have put any name there and the girls with that name would have been like 'OMG THAT'S SO ME!'"
( Also see Dick Twitch )
by Hesebe August 3, 2016
A place to submit your name and write great lies about yourself. Mostly used to cheer yourself up, because if you search ANY name, it will only be positive descriptions.
(In Urban Dictionary Names)
A fun loving guy who can make anyone laugh. He is really great and always will Slay Vag 24/7.

That's BS. Jimmy is a 31 year old virgin who lives in his mother's basement.
by ExtremeSlayerOfJimmyRustle April 28, 2014
The definitions that ruin this site.
The people that write these are usually preteen girls that need to feel special so they define themselves as a marry sue thinking people will like her.
The only thing they do is clog the decision page, so instead of looking at actually not terrible definitions you get one of these every 5 clicks.
WAY MORE THAN (Insert name of person the induvidual hates), WHO IS DATING (some fucking jock), FUCK YOU!!11!!!!11!1!!!!

Urban dictionary names, when you are just that fucking pathetic
by Densest April 23, 2017
The act of when someone puts their name on Urban Dictionary and glorifies it, just to feel good about their miserable life in their parent's abandoned basement. They're all just insecure, depressed, anti-social, unwashed, ugly, and cringy
Needless to say, these urban dictionary names are getting out of hand and are just a load of cringe. You know the truth behind it

The guys who post it are soyboys and/or internet trolls, all with an anime addiction and a moldy cheese mill (Cheese dick, got it?), while thinking that deodorant on their hairy pits and showering once a month with hardly any soap and shampoo is enough. The girls who do it aren't usually girls anyway. They're guys trying to compliment their anime pillow or their waifu, furry or anime or whatever. If it is by an actual girl, They're usually one if the ugliest and dirtiest whores you'll see on the internet, who send videos and pictures of themselves on tiktok and instagram doing trendy stuff or something that a prostitute would do. They prefer to be influencers and scam small businesses and whore out on guys to steal all their money. They want to spend their money on plastic surgery that will probably be botched and overpriced luxuries that even the upper class would struggle to afford. Despite whoring themselves out to guys to rob them, they still think men are sexist pigs and should go extinct
by ♥🗺☠ November 25, 2021
The most toxic definitions on this damned website.
The people who write these only define their own names to feel better when they are just fucking losers.
They eiter say something about how good gals they are or how long their schlong is, when infact they are just the local high school bitch and a weeb with a 2 inch dick.
Stay away from these.
George is an 11 year old boy, he just found this cool website called Urban Dictionary.
George thought he could make a definition, so he chose to define his own name:
"George is a beutiful boi thet pleis minkref and has long dikk limp biscuit"
In real life, george is just a disqusting disfunctional member of society, that just started the worst trend on this damned website.
by Densest April 6, 2017
The part of the popular urban dictionary website in which people add definitions of names. These people are usually too far up there own arse to write about any other names apart from their own resulting in every name posted having the same generic definition along the lines of "Coolest person in the world" rendering the whole idea of that section of the website useless.
Urban dictionary names possible definitions:
Bob - "Coolest guy everrrrrrrrrrrr! ooo I love my name"

Becky - "Hottest chick everrrrrr! ooooo im currently fingering myself infront of a mirror"

Daniel - "That guy everyone loves at a party.... everrrrrr! I eat my own shit"
by ihatepeople23214 April 6, 2013
The urban dictionary definitions that should be abolished from this website.
It doesnt matter what name you type in it will always be positive descriptions.
Terry, a fun loving cute guy, tall and always knows how to make you smile.
When actually terry is a serial killer that likes to suck his own dick and hates animals.
"What a load of shit! I looked up that asshole cody in urban dictionary and that dumbass website says he is a kind and caring guy that always looks out for his friends, thanks urban dictionary name"
by Cletimus December 19, 2016