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The part of the popular urban dictionary website in which people add definitions of names. These people are usually too far up there own arse to write about any other names apart from their own resulting in every name posted having the same generic definition along the lines of "Coolest person in the world" rendering the whole idea of that section of the website useless.
Urban dictionary names possible definitions:
Bob - "Coolest guy everrrrrrrrrrrr! ooo I love my name"

Becky - "Hottest chick everrrrrr! ooooo im currently fingering myself infront of a mirror"

Daniel - "That guy everyone loves at a party.... everrrrrr! I eat my own shit"
by ihatepeople23214 April 05, 2013
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Urban Dictionary Names are what you get when you let 9-12 year old girls define their names on Urban Dictionary.
Ah, Urban Dictionary Names...
Example: "Kiki
A girl who's shy and beautiful. Usually she's quiet, but once you get to know her she becomes the nicest and best friend you'll ever know."
"You dick twitches, I could have put any name there and the girls with that name would have been like 'OMG THAT'S SO ME!'"
( Also see Dick Twitch )
by Hesebe August 03, 2016
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A place to submit your name and write great lies about yourself. Mostly used to cheer yourself up, because if you search ANY name, it will only be positive descriptions.
(In Urban Dictionary Names)
A fun loving guy who can make anyone laugh. He is really great and always will Slay Vag 24/7.

That's BS. Jimmy is a 31 year old virgin who lives in his mother's basement.
by ExtremeSlayerOfJimmyRustle April 27, 2014
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The urban dictionary definitions that should be abolished from this website.
It doesnt matter what name you type in it will always be positive descriptions.
Terry, a fun loving cute guy, tall and always knows how to make you smile.
When actually terry is a serial killer that likes to suck his own dick and hates animals.
"What a load of shit! I looked up that asshole cody in urban dictionary and that dumbass website says he is a kind and caring guy that always looks out for his friends, thanks urban dictionary name"
by Cletimus January 28, 2017
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When everyone on this site (urban dictionary) defines their own name so they can feel good about themselves. Usually containing something about their nonexistent large genitalia.
(Names below that resemble actual people are purely coincidental, and I do not mean to bash you for your name.)
Andrew: Wow! I went on urban dictionary and saw my name and I felt so good about myself!
Jake: You Do Know that they’re just people writing their name, hence Urban dictionary names, and and saying that they are nice, etc. etc.
by dictator May 18, 2018
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