An older woman, typically early thirties to mid-forties, who has abandoned traditional rules of romantic engagement and taken as her mission the seduction of as many game young men as she can possibly handle.
"Some Urban Cougar with a boob job tried to buy me a drink last night."
by briany smurf August 4, 2005
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An older african american woman in hot pursuit of younger males. ETYMOLOGY: Urban = Euphemism for black people used by whites who are no longer confident in saying either "black" or "african american"
Cougar =Older woman who likes younger men
"Jeez, I wish Oprah was an urban cougar, I think I'd make a better lover than Steadman, I'm only 23"
by jimbomccloud June 10, 2009
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A sophisticated species of female who seeks the pleasure of younger males. She avoids the entanglements of a "relationship," in favor of the freedom of the hunt.
Always one for adventure, the urban cougar knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it.
by Kn1ghtmare July 8, 2005
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A hot single woman in her 30s to 40s who is totally into sex but for whatever reason isn't in a relationship. She usually hunts young hard bodied males for fun, casual, no strings sex. She is sophisticated, in her sexual prime, and absolutely knows how to use her young prey to get sexed up and satisfied. Her libido rages almost constantly so she will need to hunt frequently.
Occasionally she will be so impressed and surprised by her young prey that she will be vulnerable to attachment.
Young guys at bar: What do we have to do to have a chance with a hot older woman?

Urban cougar: Be a great kisser, nice bed manners, eat pussy, and be able to go the distance - over and over. Oh, and have a big cock....anyone who says size doesn't matter is g-spot clueless or lying.
by SilverB May 10, 2007
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one of the most satisfying additions to anyone's strange ass profile. essentially, a woman who is significantly older than you. She should be smoke and capable at, the very least of picking up your bar tab, then taking you home for a session of mistake making.
I pulled some urban cougar last night: i took down a 6th grade teacher.
by doc. July 14, 2006
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Another term for a desperate slut who realises she's left it too late to get a man of her own and is guaranteed to put out for any young man that comes her way.
His mates's GF fixed him up with an urban cougar so he wouldn't keep going back to his ex.
by Alixx May 4, 2007
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