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A hot single woman in her 30s to 40s who is totally into sex but for whatever reason isn't in a relationship. She usually hunts young hard bodied males for fun, casual, no strings sex. She is sophisticated, in her sexual prime, and absolutely knows how to use her young prey to get sexed up and satisfied. Her libido rages almost constantly so she will need to hunt frequently.
Occasionally she will be so impressed and surprised by her young prey that she will be vulnerable to attachment.
Young guys at bar: What do we have to do to have a chance with a hot older woman?

Urban cougar: Be a great kisser, nice bed manners, eat pussy, and be able to go the distance - over and over. Oh, and have a big cock....anyone who says size doesn't matter is g-spot clueless or lying.
by SilverB May 10, 2007
The place a person is going when they've decided to put themself into a less than desirable, potentially hurtful, or crap, situation. The only thing on the menu, regardless of how it appears, is shit. Often the person will know they are about to go there, but feel almost powerless to stop it.
Example 1
Friend: You know, I got a message from him last night and he wants to see me again....maybe he really cares this time.

Concerned friend: Oh no!.....you're not going to see him are you? Please don't give him another chance to break your heart again.

Friend: I'm feeling weak and I want to see him so badly..... It looks like I'll be heading back to the Shit Cafe.

Example 2
Employee 1: The boss just asked me to work this weekend and I caved.

Employee 2: Man, I already told them no way! I can't believe you're gonna eat that shit sandwich.

Employee 1: I know....I'm such a loser. I keep letting people take me to the Shit Cafe even though I know the only thing on the menu is crap!

Employee 2: Yeah the boss is such an asshole...he knows how often you eat there.
by SilverB October 26, 2007