Someone who won't switch up on you, Solid,loyal
"I'd never change up on my brothers . I'm so hard bodied"
by renae25 December 5, 2016
Am older term used to describe a very physically fit and beautiful person.
Damn that girl is one of the best hard bodies I've seen !
by dragonboy8586 December 13, 2019
hard body is a TERM that describes a person place or thing.So its meaning is dependent upon its usage and context.

1.Slang word used to describe the extreme niceness or liking of something; exaggeration of the slang word fresh,gangsta;hot;etc.
2.ruthless;thuggish;mean; a goon; a gangster; etc.
Hard body

*"I came up in that party hard body"
>Used to describe someones aura.
*"That new 2005 Benz SLK is hard body"
>Used to describe the nicness of a car.
by Makne February 21, 2005
1) An attractive female with an athletic physique. This usually describes a woman who goes to a gym to control and define her body's shape, but not necessarily the extreme muscles of a female body builder.

2) a Physically attractive person.
She's one hard body.
by anim8er June 20, 2006
a term used 2 describe a niga datz tuff,official,gangsta,ect
yo dat dude famouz roled up in skool hard body
by famouz June 23, 2006
to do sumthing with enthuasium ; excitment sumting you add to the end of a sentence when you feeing but wanna seem cool
yo, ima be up in that party, hard body son for real
by tati July 6, 2004
Term used to describe something or someone that is tough/cool. Used as a synonym of sick, phat, tight...etc.
Kev: Yo Marc, what you up to tonight bro?
Marc: I dunno man, I'm def goin out though, I just hit up Tomaso's to get taped up.....shit's hard body kid
by City Bird April 12, 2008