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Arsenio is a sexy young man with a nice. Body. This man will kiss many girls in his life . He also has nice hair . He also likes to flirt a lot but still can be loyal if he chooses like it
Julie: have you seen the sexy new guy with the hot body?

Amy: you must be talking about arsenio
by Unknown;) November 25, 2014
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Arsenio (n) is usually a non-chalant discreet being who can get free stuff when he really tries. Tends to be charming and persuasive so beware of crossing paths with him because your knees may buckle and then you might bust your lip. Don't worry though he is very helpful and will help you. Always born on Valentines day so he is usually affectionate and loving. He is athletic and smooth like his caramelized skin yet he will snap and kick some jaws In so do not test him. Arsenio loves roses and knows how to pluck the thorns right off them. He has Cambodian flavored eyes and usually is mixed with black too. Some people can't handle his friendly personality because he can be overbearing sometimes but he really doesn't have bad intentions like they assume Sometimes. Arsenio is so gorgeous like a greek god statue. Women love to think he is flirting with them but he is just a sweet guy and actually has a very hott lesbian girlfriend. Arsenios are asthmatic yet enjoy smoking Mary Jane. Fun and intelligent however sometimes he don't make sense when he talks but we all know what he is trying to say. Usually very positive and fun to be around. Arsenios have a huge loud laugh that makes his roses bloom. Some people hate Arsenio because they can't understand his demeanor or misinterpret his intentions but they can't help loving him in the end.
Girl #1: "I really wish I would come across an Arsenio styled pair of underwear next time we shop."

Girl #2: "OMG if you do can I please borrow them sometimes!?"

Hey! That Bubby dude over there just laughed like Arsenio.. How weird is that?

I really wonder why my little brother runs around with his inhaler pretending to be an Arsenio...?

That damn Arsenio is always lurking in my pot field.

That RnB singer looks just like a Arsenio.

Yes! Our quarterback just scored an Arsenio!

I need to hire an Arsenio to help my roses grow.

All guys should be more like Arsenio and they will be happier.
by KayRose November 6, 2013
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Arsenio is a mamas boy. His mom does everything for him. Arsenio is nice to be around until he gets insecure. The best thing about arsenio is that he is hung like a real man. The bad part about arsenio is he doesn't know what to do with it. Arsenio is also a name that flows off the tongue. Arsenio is weird but everyone is attracted to his charming personality
arsenio is black but doesn't line the N word

Arsenio is the type of guy you only date once BH
by Beautifulnightmare. February 16, 2016
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when youn finger a girl so deep that you can feel her ovaries.
by zimdaddy August 17, 2003
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slang for a blunt tube filled with "tuff". Called this because of the resemblence between the former FOX network show host Arsenio Hall's long fingers which appear to resemble a blunt
man pass that 'senio finger over here as you have been hogging it for long enough.
by matt m July 10, 2003
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1) The act of an individual disturbing a public function serving both wine and cheese as per the Dave Chappelle episode. Acts include the individual asking function guests why they did not advise him/her how good the cheese was and/or slapping people while calling them "Chuck Woolery-looking motherfuckers".
Norman was indignant that he was not invited to his apartment complex's wine and cheese party. There was no choice but to 'Arsenio Hall' the event.
by Vilmetheus April 13, 2010
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1. to completely destroy or to win an event or activity.
2. to wave right arm towards forehead in a circular motion.
"I just Arsenio Hall'd that shit"
"The 1989 MTV Video Music Awards were Aresnio Hall'd out."
by Edward Long Jr. August 18, 2008
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