A highly intelligent response, this is mostly used by Albert Einstein. Smart people think of this joke, it is rated danger class nb. 9 , please do not use this infront of someone.
ur mom is so fat she walk like fat
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by TheFactRevealer July 30, 2020
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The ultimate insult. Used whenever. The person on the receiving end of this dies instantaneously after hearing it.
Jaquarvis: "Ur Mom."
Mike: *Dies
by EASHGANNG May 28, 2019
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A comeback to literally anything that little kids use to insult others
Me : ur fat bruv
Jerry: we ain’t fat!!
Bob: I know, your fat!!
Me: ur as fat as ur mom
Bob + Jerry : Fuck!!
by FaZe N1NJ4 July 08, 2019
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A dead meme that only cringey 6 year olds use anymore.
Bruh did he just say "ur mom"? What a loser
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by nabrU yranoitciD January 13, 2020
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