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a saying commonly used instead of owned, raped, dawged, t-boned, etc. extremely popular in southwestern virginia, especially in the roanoke city area. often over used by small asians/mexicans, but still funny when said due to funny accent.
Wang - AW MAN my someone pooped in my pillow case and i slept on it.


Wang - ching chang chu
by alextard September 26, 2006
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What will happen when Kajetokun decides that he wants to. He may be facing the wrong way but regardless you will become gotten and his bitch. Speculations exist that Chuck Norris abandoned him as a child fearing his power. This is in fact false as Kajetokun birthed a secret army of Bruce Lee's providing a much more powerful spawn. Also, his power level is over 9000 and his balls are NOT inert.

Dangerous under all circumstances!
Hey man, you want to go get some ice cream?

Sounds tantalizing, let's go! Oh my god wha... "GOTCHA BITCH!"

*Timothy tries to run*

"Do it Faggot!"

Billy no!! "GOTCHA BITCH!"
by BallsRinert May 20, 2009
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