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This weapon like comeback is the most dangerous and sinister force the entire universe knows.
Victim: ur mum gay
You: ur dad lesbian
Victim: ur nanny tranny
You: dont underestimate my true omnipotent powers...
Victim: *shudders as a cold, harsh breeze tickles down his neck* You wouldn't!
You Ur Grandpap Trap
*Victim turns into goop and the ground underneath you sinks*
by RemKnot May 13, 2018
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Next best thing after β€œur granny tranny”
Every time this is said, the planets rotate around the dun 5 times in ten seconds.
Bill: ur granny tranny
Bob: don’t make me do it
Bob: Ur grandpap trap
*Bills gets exploded and the earth is ruled by bob.
by YEET.BOI May 24, 2018
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