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A person from Upstate New York. Usually equipped with a Syracuse University t-shirt, a plaid flannel t, Pabst Blue Ribbon or Saranac, and a North Face jacket. Often very angered when you ask them if they're from the City or when Westchester is included as part of Upstate.
Person not from NY: Is that guy Canadian?
Person from NYC: No, he's obviously an Upstater
by OrangeSabre December 28, 2014
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People from a town or city in New York State anywhere north of New York City.
- "Have you met that kid from Albany. He's got a weird accent."
- "Not as weird as that girl from Poughkeepsie"
- "Man, what the hell's wrong with upstaters?"
by sru-bound April 02, 2009
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Simple people, who live north of Albany, NY. They tend to not be the wealthyest, but humble. They also are not stuck up like "downstaters".
Upstaters-can u tell me the time eh?
Downstaters-WTF, wat r u from upstate or somthin?
Upstaters-yea, y does that matter? can u give me the time?
by hattrick3048 April 29, 2009
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