When one, particularly a younger person, ends every phrase and sentence as if it were a question. This practice could be derived from the "valley girl" excuse for talking during the nineties, but many people still do it today out of uncontrollable habit.
Teacher: Okay Tommy, it's your turn to present.

Tommy: oKAY(?) I was at the STORE(?) And there was the GUY(?) and like...

Teacher: okay. NEXT.
by stray December 15, 2004
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To make something, or someone, seem better that is really is.
"He was totally up talking the event. When I got there it was lame."

"She's not that good. She was up talking."

"Watch this, I'm gonna up talk my way into VIP."
by FashionPixie September 14, 2007
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A phrase interchangeable with "shut up," used frequently in Chicago. Could express either annoyance or incredulity.
-"I just got two tickets to a Tribe concert."

-"Shut up talking to me!"
by irongong July 7, 2009
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shut up; foundin most black areas shut up talking to me is a very popular phrase
Boy shut up talking to me
by Momma's Boy March 29, 2005
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An overly derogatory and condescending way of telling someone that their input in a given conversation is childish and/or uneducated and will not heighten the level of intelligence in the discussion.

Also is used when one is short-tempered and unwilling to deal with more than one person in a heated discussion.
Person 1: What country do you think is the most technologically advanced in the world?

Person 2: Well Japan has to be in the top three - if not the number one most advanced in the world.

Person 3: Somalia's gotta be up there too.

Person 2: Okay, the grown-ups are talking. Just stand over there.
Husband: I can't believe you cheated on me with my best friend!

Wife: Well, I wasn't thinking straight and he's always there for me.

Husband's best friend: I am around a lot.

Husband: Jesus Christ, the grown-ups are talking! Go the fuck away.
by ScottyV89 July 5, 2010
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An internet pop-up which features audio content. Often intrusive, and a form of audio nazism. Coined by Pat Schrader on October 9th, 2006.
Pat Schrader, teacher extraordinaire, hates talk-ups.
by Corgy October 9, 2006
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An expression that's used when you want information from someone, but that someone keeps telling boring details you don't need to know.

Can be emphasised by using 'Shut the fuck up and keep talking'.
Guy 1: So we went to her bedroom, and there were a lot of dolls there. She also had a poster of-
Guy 2: Dude, shut up and keep talking. Did anything happen?
by Vowtar June 17, 2010
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