1: A place that is extremely sketchy, frightening looking, and could possibly lead to one's death.

2: A severely negative result of your actions.
Example 1: "Hey man you wanna go to waffle house?"
"Dude that place is way too somalia... 11 people were shot last week."

Example 2: If my mom finds out about this we're gonna be somalia.
by uhmericah March 23, 2011
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Where the Army's 10th mountain division finally got noticed.
(Sept 93) Hey the skinnys of this country of Somalia are real peaceful, but then again everywheres got its bad places.
by Terry Jamison, August 13, 2004
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An ancient Afro Cushite Arab country in the horn of East Africa. Somalia's history is rich with numerous kingdoms and civilizations that existed within the region since the time of the Pharoes. Most Somalis today lay their claim to their ancient ancestors owing to the fact that the country has never been occupied militarily and culturally for more than months at a time. Somalians today hold dear the fact that their ethnicity and genetic make-up has not been tarnished or infused with by foreigners during military occupation or mass immigration, their make up remains the same as the Ethiopians who have similarily never been occupied.
Historical evidence suggests that Somalia's ancient kingdoms had economic ties with the ancient lands of the Pharoes. Somalia was known as the Land of Punt to the Egyptians at the time and throught the Arab and Eastern African region.
Ancient ruins suggest a vibrant cultural and financial structures that held court houses, massive Mosque's, effective irrigation systems throught the major cities and palaces.

Somalis has recently fallen into a disastrous civil war that has torn up most of the country's financial and economic capital. A newly elected governent with president Abdullahi Yusuf promises to rebuild Somalia's fractured state into the great country it once was.
A tiny mob numbering a few hundred armed teenagers decimated America's once feared imperialist machine, lets hope troops from the African Union can restore order in Mogadishu.
by S. Kierkegaard May 10, 2005
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A country located in East Africa, blessed with people of unique race and gifted with light-hearted people.Somalia is also know as the PUNTLAND in other words the land of the breeze fragance.The people that hail from Somalia are called Somali usually mistaken with Somalian. Somali's are people of tall race, their men are skinny and tall, wheras their women are tall slender...Usually catograised as people of beautiful race,light skined, full lips, long wavey or curly hair, eyes varieing form browen to black..Somali's are well known for their love for cooking and also known for the flair for cooking..they are the world best pasta and samboos makers..they actual can beat the Italians when it comes to pasta..WORD
Lord..Somalia infact is the world's leading producers of bananas...people assume that puerto ricans have the greatest pride in their country but too bad i called that overdoing...but the somalia's have a real pride in their country and are widely spread across the world as a result of a civil war in the country that finally came to an end..

Somali boys got soo much swaga and they chong..for real..Oh boy they got some fine ass boys..

On the other hand, their women are dead drop gorgeus..they got the booty, the tight face, the flat belly..

People usually mistake us with the Dominicans..God knows why..?


ALL HAIL SOMALIA brapp brapp
Supermodel Iman hails from the might Somalia..
by Fatoom March 2, 2007
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A wild and lawless land where seafaring men go to seek their fortunes on the high sea's or take guns and women in the deserts as fearless warlords.Somalia is the last truly wild place in the world where you could either die a man or live long enough to see yourself become the warlord.
Man 1: I've had enough of this country. I'm going to Somalia.
Man2: *whispers to self* the land yonder east..
by jimmyG5066 December 1, 2017
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