UO is a PC game, short for Ultima Online. It first came about around the end of September to early October of 1997, and is still running today. It was originally 2D, but now had spread to 3D, and has around 250,000 players from all over the world. The setting is, in my opinion, semi-Renaissance, with mages and magical spells, dragons, "recalling", which is casting a spell to get from one place to another, house ownership, items, weapons, monsters, and unlimited possibilities. You can talk to people, form hunting parties, even guilds and communities. Unfortunately, the game has been a bit nerfed for years, and ever since Age of Shadows, an expansion pack, the game isn't what it used to be. But the game is always changing, and can still be great fun.
Aww, they ran out of UO gametime cards...
by Angelfyre April 03, 2005
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UO, short for Ultima Online is a well known widely played game, its been around for many years and is still a sweet game.
I needa get my hands on a UO disc man!
Fuck that shit im playing UO dude.
Gimme a minute baby im playing UO atm.
UO is teh mad not.
by DaN` July 08, 2003
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Unless Otherwise Specified.
That is, a qualifier used to indicate that all members of a group have a given quality, excepting those which are explicated to NOT demonstrate said quality.
All images on this website copyright bidensandwich.com uos.

List of common dosages (all units in milligrams uos):
Ibuprofen: 400
Acetaminophen: 600
LSD: 50 micrograms
Aspirin: 320
Insulin: .15mL
by RunningFool July 16, 2011
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Refers to those in the game Ultima Online.

People who devote ample amounts of time to improve their skill in the game, and take it seriously than most others.
We just got owned again. Those guys are Pro UO.
by Blot April 28, 2007
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sound produced by a confused Latin American
Random Jap. girl:私は巨大なペニスを吸うのが大好きです
Agus: UOS UOS!
by jhonny suckadick December 12, 2017
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