A person who simply does not need a vaccine
John is vaccinated and Fred is unvaccinated. Both live a happy healthy life.
by Peter dyck October 4, 2021
You are not the genius Joe Biden thought you were if you are still unvaccinated. Oh well.
by The Original Agahnim July 28, 2021
A large subset of humans who are well researched on the merits of vaccination in midst of global health crisis. They have read in-depth articles on blogs and social media & listened to highly acclaimed comedians, politicians and celebrities
Simran: It is unfortunate ronak has to see so many unvaccinated scientists in office and hospital
Jasmine: Yes, he always encourages them to buy a cemetery plot
by rtalati November 19, 2021
A child who endangers the people around them. Their life span is about 10 years.
unvaccinated child: mommy I don't feel so good...

*turns to dust*

mum: damn maybe vaccines don't give kids autism
by reallysmartboy-mw February 25, 2019
The appropriate attitude towards antivaxxers
"Did you hear about the guy who said he had 99 problems but the vaccine wasn't one of them? He just died from covid."

"Oh well, fuck the unvaccinated. Where do you want to go for lunch?"
by supermagic8ball July 26, 2021